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SmarTree Consulting Ltd (“SCL”) is an independent specialist firm with a unique value proposition and wide range of services in internal audit, risk advisory, consulting services and specialised training.

SCL was founded in 2018 by Sheila Ujoodha, who has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in internal audit, risk management, corporate governance and process improvement on both the local and international market. SCL is also owned by Taylor Smith Investment and Scott Investment.

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Our team of highly-skilled professionals serves a strong customer base in various sectors in Mauritius and Rodrigues with multi-industry experience in financial, manufacturing, hospitality, aviation, property activities. SmarTree Consulting Ltd provides expert services at reasonable prices through leveraging a flexible business model. Our added value resides in our skilled and experienced people and our processes which are at the forefront of best practice methodologies.

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"SCL strives to be recognised as a valuable business partner and trusted advisor through its agility, innovation and professional and competent team."