Risk management

When was the last time that your risk register was updated?

Did you identify emerging risks?

Risk management

Risk management is an essential component of governance and leadership strategy. Its main purpose is to create and protect organisational value, improve performance, encourage innovation and support the achievement of strategic objectives

2020 and 2021 have been defined by the global Covid-19 pandemic and organisations’ risk profiles have been affected. The pandemic has been pervasive, simultaneously impacting employees, suppliers and customers, and for a duration previously not considered a possibility. New technological advances and climate change are delivering an era of greater uncertainty and volatility at a time when opportunities are expanding and becoming more globally integrated and complex. These new risks trends will compel forward looking organisation to adapt new or existing risk systems and processes.

What we offer

At SmarTree Consulting, we are engaged in continuous risk management and committed to provide a comprehensive risk management service including:

SCL provides a full set of risk management services by being a risk facilitator and adviser to your management team and your board of directors.
SCL will assist you in implementing a risk management framework that suits your needs and adopt good corporate governance principles.