Ongoing Projects

ongoing projects

SmarTree Consulting continuously implements projects and partnerships that are based on functional and value-added internal audits. We remain committed to providing a high quality service in this respect, helping Mauritius’ Top 100 companies (among others) to build resilience and prepare for post-COVID recovery.

Risk Management:

Risk mapping and mitigation are increasingly important for businesses of all sizes today as this proactive process supports strategic direction and building resilience in times of uncertainty. Risk management has emerged as a crucial element of companies’ resilience after exogenous shocks, but it will also be a key element of the adaptive strategy to prepare companies for when the post-COVID recovery picks up speed.

Data Protection:

Data protection is increasingly becoming a key factor in consumer behaviour. The rejection of big data by users who simply use digital products has made companies like Facebook and Google vulnerable to pro-privacy regulations as well as to corporate initiatives such as Apple’s Opt-In tracking. Data breaches also create massive perception issues for their victims. Overall, companies are striving to limit their exposure to data and privacy-related risks, as data protection is becoming an increasingly relevant factor.

Part of this data protection compliance is the recruitment of a data protection officer, whose role is to ensure that the organisation processes the personal data of its staff, customers, suppliers or any other entity in conformity with the applicable data protection rules. SmarTree Consulting acts as a data protection officer to guide companies on their privacy journey and ensures that companies remain compliant with the increasing data protection regulations.

 Internal Audit:

SmarTree Consulting’s internal audit services continue to create value for the Top 100 companies in Mauritius by keeping abreast of the latest international guidelines in the profession. In addition to this, SmarTree Consulting provides supplementary knowledge in relevant areas such as internal controls, risk management and broader strategic insights.