Data protection officer

Do your stakeholders trust you in the protection of their personal data?

Are you complying with the latest data protection regulations?

Data protection officer

In today’s world, data is considered an organisation’s most valuable asset. Data is used by all businesses and thus the need for professionals with privacy and data protection knowledge has never been greater in todays’ changing regulatory landscape. The importance of data protection increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates.
The Data Protection Act (DPA) 2017 became effective in Mauritius in January 2018, with the aim to:
  • Strengthen the control and personal autonomy of data subjects over their personal data
  • Simplify the regulatory environment for business in the digital economy
  • Promote the safe transfer of personal data to and from foreign jurisdictions, given the diversification, intensification and globalisation of data processing and personal data flows
This places bigger responsibilities and accountability on businesses, Data Controllers and Processors.

Regulations require controllers and processors to designate an officer responsible for data protection compliance issues. The role of the data protection officer includes:

– First contact point for data subjects and DP office

– Monitor compliance and perform audits

– Inform and advise on obligations

– Training and awareness

What we offer

At SmarTree Consulting, we provide data protection officer services and saves you the time and cost involved in recruiting one. By outsourcing this function, you benefit from the expertise and skills of our team to meet your data protection requirements.