Corporate Governance review

Is the lack of governance the root cause to your organisation's issues?

Do you want to measure your corporate governance principles and use it as a competitive advantage?

Corporate Governance review

“A fish rots from the head”
This quote indicates where governance should start and it is the Board of Director’s role to set the tone and embed governance responsibilities and controls in an organisation’s culture and DNA. Poor governance has led reputable international organisations to failure and scandals, thus destroying the organisation’s ability to survive.

The National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius defines Corporate Governance as “A framework of processes and attitudes within an organisation that focuses on adding value to the business, ensuring its long-term continuity and success and building its reputation.”

Companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius are required to apply all principles of the Code of Corporate Governance. The same applies for Public Interest Entities (PIEs).

The Corporate Governance scorecard was published in October 2021 and organisations can now better measure and evaluate their corporate governance practices.
“If you don’t measure, you don’t manage.”

What we offer

At SmarTree Consulting, we assist PIEs and listed companies in formulating the internal audit, internal control and risk management sections of the corporate governance report and annual report in line with principles 5 and 7 of the Code of Corporate Governance.

SCL will also provide you with a complete evaluation of your corporate governance compliance using the scorecard and a full set of recommendations.
SCL will boost your confidence in participating in the annual corporate governance scorecard survey and use its results to create competitive edge.