Completed Projects

completed projects

SmarTree Consulting has completed several major projects aimed at unlocking organisational value through its internal audit, consulting and training services.

Risk management training

SmarTree Consulting has effectively provided its clients with a comprehensive Risk Management training programme. The training was designed to provide them with methods and models for risk assessment and to map risks relating to strategic objectives. It also provided clients with a better understanding of the principles, framework and process used for effective Risk Management in line with the ISO 31000 standard.

Internal audit

Our internal audit reviews on debtors’ and creditors’ management as well as payment enabled our clients to have a better understanding of the weaknesses in their control system. Such internal audits have allowed them to improve the management of their operational and credit risks during this economic uncertainty, in order to prevent cash flow difficulties.

This approach will be instrumental in helping Mauritian companies to be ready as the global post-COVID recovery progressively reaches Mauritius.