One of the challenges of scaling up a business is to establish a governance framework that evolves with the business and ensures both integrity and growth. 1. What is internal audit? The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors defines internal audit as “An independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an […]

Today’s Trends: Geopolitical risk

The world we know, be it in business or elsewhere, is shaped by delicate and multifaceted relationships between sovereign countries and alliances. In terms of business and finance, however, a stable status quo allows people to make decisions based on certain quantitative and qualitative factors that are either set or constrained. But what happens when […]

Rising to the challenge of remote auditing

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed work as we know it, and audits are no exception. The practice has had to evolve significantly to conduct audits in a completely new context. This has introduced many challenges to which auditors had to adjust by adapting their methodological approach and tools. Firstly, auditors have always relied on their […]

Ongoing Projects

SmarTree Consulting continuously implements projects and partnerships that are based on functional and value-added internal audits. We remain committed to providing a high quality service in this respect, helping Mauritius’ Top 100 companies (among others) to build resilience and prepare for post-COVID recovery. Risk Management: Risk mapping and mitigation are increasingly important for businesses of […]

Completed Projects

SmarTree Consulting has completed several major projects aimed at unlocking organisational value through its internal audit, consulting and training services. Risk management training SmarTree Consulting has effectively provided its clients with a comprehensive Risk Management training programme. The training was designed to provide them with methods and models for risk assessment and to map risks […]